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Ragamuffin - The Cousin of Ragdolls

8. 2. 2010

The Ragamuffin is the name of the pure-bred cat related to Ragdolls. To tell the truth, they are the cousins of  Ragdolls. In 1994 a group of Ragdoll breeders from IRCA (which was founded by A. Baker, Riverside, USA) left those organisation and form their own one. The original name Ragdoll was changed to Ragamuffin, the name with similar meaning. At first the name Ragamuffin was meant only as a joke, but it was so good, that has endured till nowadays. The Ragamuffin breaders had to  cross some other breeds to maintain health and fitness because  there were  five-generatin of inbreeding in their „new“ bred. Ragamuffins were outrocesd to Persians, Himalayans and domestic longhaired cats. So the Ragamuffins has become  not Ragdolls, but their relatives. It is allowed to use Ragamuffins for mating with Ragdolls as well.

If you are interested in which organisation accept Ragamuffins, it is possible to visit Wikipedia under this link :


Ragamuffins are very nice ceratures. They can be found in solid colour or as  colourpoints like Ragdolls. They are similar to Ragdolls in other respects as well – they are big, heavy, well muscled cats which reach their adulthood in the age of 4 years. 

Females are smaller than males like in other cat breeds. They have a rectangular bodyform, a broad chest, strong shoulders with a short neck. Ragamuffins like Ragdolls often have  fat „pad“ on the abdomen. This fat pad is like the sign for Ragdolls – some of them have it very developed, so some vets can think it is a tumor .


 The Ragamuffin´s head has a broad wedge shape and a clear curvature of the nose bridge. Pads of whiskers are enlarged and faces  are full. Eyes should have the walnut shape and they give a sweet expression to the cat. Ragamuffin have long, thick, silky coat with well-shaped collar.The coat extends toward the belly and hind legs , where it forms "panties“.  Ragamuffins are allowed to have  all colours and varieties. The maintenance of the coat is very undemanding, as well as in the Ragdoll bred.


Ragamuffin is a  very friendly cat. It is  very playful and obedient. When lifting they exhibit the same characteristics as the Ragdolls- they are able to  relax all muscles. Ragamuffins love playing   games, climbing cat trees and some of them also love retrieving. They accompany members of their families and watch all their activities. They are really domestic cats, which love both  children and adults and other animals in the household. They need  a company of people or other animals, but the best for them is to have their own cat family in the household. Ragdolls are the true family cats.


So what is the difference between a Ragdoll  and  a Ragamuffin? Ragamuffin has a shorter nose, while the nose bridge  of a Ragdoll has a gentle curvyture  and it is a bit longer. The head is a bit differently shaped, too. The Ragdoll of the old type  has a characteristically flat head between the ears, while the skull of Ragamuffin is gently rounded  between the ears. Ragamuffin has a rounder face and ears are slightly more tilt up forward. Eyes aren´t oval  shaped as it is seen in  Ragdolls.


They tend to be very vocal and they love to „talk“ to their people.


Are you bored ?  So buy not a raccoon, but a Ragdoll or its cousin,

a Ragamuffin….

 Are you still bored ? So buy both of them !



Translation in English T. Vohralík, The Blue Flower Cattery ,Ragdoll