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A New Drug tested in treatement of FIP

21. 1. 2010

A new drug is tested in treatment of FIP


The American scientists A. M. Legendre and W. Bartges from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine,  Knoxville have tested Polyprenyl Immunostimulant – IP which is comprised of a mixture of phosphorylated, linear polyisoprenols. They have tested it fot the treatment of some cats with dry form of FIP. Professor Dr. Legendre says, that  IP can be used for the treatment of feline herpesvirus as well. The drug seems to be able to stimulate immune responses and elongate live of cats affected with the dry form of FIP. Two of the cats from the Dr. Legendre´s pilot report were still on treatment and were alive and the third cat, which was treated only 4.5 month survived 14 month after diagnosis. The drug was given to cats both oral and subcutaneus in varied dosies. IP isn´t effective for the wet form of FIP.

IP is still the experimental drug for FIP, but if you have a cat with a dry form of FIP, your vet can contact DR. Legendre at alegendr@utk.edu and Dr. Legendre will attempt to make the drug available.

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