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Honey Bear - The First Ragdolls´Brother

8. 2. 2010

It is said to be  "the sweetest cat in the world" with a nature of a child. It is related to Ragdoll breed of IRCA and they are  probably the descedants of the solid Josephine´s kitten .


Honey Bear has a large cobby body  similar to Persian cats, but its head is a bit a flatter with small eyes, round-set towards the sides of the head. Their coat and collar are very dense and silky. The most favourite  are those  with black-white "tears" on its forehead and with a white spot on the top of the tail – exactly the same, which Daddy Warbucks had…. The tail is sometimes even as "striped" as in skunks.

Honey Bears are maturing slowly. IRCA claims that Honey Bears were created by genetic manipulation of genes skunks, which were the ancestors  Honey Bears. Well, another nice legend ...


  These "Honey" are said to be  large clowns like cats. Curiousity is their nature and they love petting, titbits and all manifestations of love from their owners. Sometimes they are a bit frightend and their strategy is to escape to their hidden places and hide from strangers until they feel safe and satisfied.Well, aren´t they cats .....?


   Some people say that the Honey Bear is more like a dog rather than cat. Others will add that the "Honeys" love water and to take showers with them. "Bears" are also happy by following their owners anywhere to make sure that they don´t miss out on an intersting experience.


Do they like honey ? Oh, we don´t know….


Translation of the Czech article T. Vohralik, The Blue Flower Cattery, Ragdolls